Ponytail! - Valkyrie, Ninjatown, iPhone Games, United States of Tara

Can we enjoy the ride of the Valkyrie? Our most anticipated movies 2009! Won't you take me to Ninjatown? iPhone: gaming machine? A sneak peak at United States of Tara!

This week in Movies:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff check out the plot to assassinate Hitler in the new Bryan Singer film, Valkyrie. Does knowing the plot was destined to fail ruin the movie?

2008 was a huge year for rad movies, but 2009 might shape up to be even bigger. The guys take a look ahead at some of the most exciting films on the horizon.

This week in Video Games:

Alex, Dan, and Jeff dive into the new sub-genre of tower defense games with Ninjatown for Nintendo DS.

They also take a look at the iPhone as a gaming platform, and suggest some of their favorite games from the App Store.

This Week in TV:

The guys get an early look at the new Showtime comedy from Diablo Cody, United States of Tara.

They also check in with some interesting TV news, including Martin Scorsese's Atlantic City drama, and a reality show starring none other than Steven Segal!

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