Tom's Top 5: Top 5 Essential DVDs

We play desert island discs with DVDs and Blu-Ray. Don't get stranded without these.

Movies are very important, but when you're stuck on a desert island, you're probably not going to have Internet to download or verify the DRM for the stuff you already downloaded "legally" right?

So it's just a good idea to select some DVDs and/or Blu-ray discs to make sure you have on you at all times in case of desertion on tropical isles.

So I went out to the Internet and shouted from the Twittertops the question of what DVDs are the most essential. And today we count them down.

In other news of free things, don't forget to click on discussions at Tom's Top 5 to answer the stupid trivia question for a chance to win the DVD of Trekkies..

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