• Arris Quinones

    Arris got struck with a massive passion for comics around 8 years old! Ever since then he has immersed himself in his love for comic books on a daily basis, which basically became his own personal comic book school. The result? He is now a literal walking encyclopedia on all things comics.
  • Catie Wayne

    Catie Wayne (21) has been involved in entertaining since she was a very young girl. In early 2009, her video FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY went viral (yes, she's Boxxy), and her digital life has never been the same. In total she has reached over 50+ million views and 550,000+ subscribers and both of those numbers grow every day. She makes weekly videos on her channel ANewHopeee, and occasional videos over on boxxybabee.
  • Darren Kitchen

    Darren Kitchen has been exploring underground scenes since his first 1200 baud modem. He first found technolust after writing a BBS dialer in BASIC on a PC-XT. Since then he has made a career of his self-taught tech skills in the field of Systems Administration. After founding Hak5 in 2005 he has become fascinated with new media. Darren also pwns you in Unreal Tournament.
  • Joe Bereta

    Joe Bereta of Columbia Falls, Montana proclaimed his emancipation from the tyrannical placenta on the 13th of November 1982. He graduated from Columbia Falls High School and went on to study and graduate from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. While attending Gonzaga, he teamed up with Luke Barats to co-found Barats and Bereta Productions and produce award winning commercials and shorts as well as a pilot for NBC.
  • Jon Quach

    Jon Quach is known on the web for his abstract, creative, and often humorous presentation of technology. Unlike traditional tech bloggers, Jon prefers the medium of video, where he showcases his love for videography, video editing, and screenwriting alongside technology. Jon is currently a Senior Media Editor for TechnoBuffalo.
  • Jon Rettinger

    Jon Rettinger is a regular face in the tech world, as a commentator on CNBC and Fox Business, as well as a contributing writer to Wireless Week. As President of TechnoBuffalo, he brings consumer electronic news to more than 11 million viewers per month. He ranks in the top 5% globally in social media infuence, and was one of OC Metro's top 40 under 40 for 2010. Jon brings a business-oriented approach to TechnoBuffalo, having earned his MBA from the University of California at Irvine.
  • Joshua Vergara

    Android Authority is composed of expert mobile technology evangelists. We are YOUR source for all things Android and mobile technology. We cover every major technology event, and offer our visitors breaking, professionally crafted content in both video and written form.
  • Kristofer Wouk

    Android Authority is composed of expert mobile technology evangelists. We are YOUR source for all things Android and mobile technology. We cover every major technology event, and offer our visitors breaking, professionally crafted content in both video and written form.
  • Lee Newton

    Lee Newton was born in 1985, the same year as the beloved game TETRIS, and raised in Yosemite National Park where she learned how to identify various poisonous plants and reptiles. She is currently a proud Sunday Company member at the famed Groundlings theater. She loves the nickname "sassypants" but no one has given it to her yet. She's enjoyed getting to know you, and would like a compliment.
  • Michael Hand

    Michael began behind the camera at Revision3 way back in early 2009. After climbing the ranks as an intern, editor, and eventually producer...he somehow ending up on camera. When he's not coming up with Arduino-controlled devices to torture coworkers, you can find him producing Tekzilla, Tekzilla Bites, DIY Tryin, and probably a few other shows that are dumped on his plate.
  • Patrick Norton

    When he's not changing diapers, watching movies or sitting next to a cactus somewhere in the desert waiting to fuel or repair an off road race truck, Patrick is probably testing products or watching movies for Tekzilla or HD Nation.
  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco has been contributing to the New Media community since 2006, starting with "The Philip DeFranco Show," a daily news show with 1.95 million subscribers, and a daily audience of 1 million unique views. He also launched a Personal Lifestyle Channel, "The Vloggity", with 661K subscribers. At age 25, he runs DeFranco Creative, a production house built upon the same principles as his catalog: consistent quality work, loyalty to his audience, and support of his creative partners.
  • Reina Scully

    Reina Scully, born in Japan, and raised in the US, is an all-around nerd, gamer, cosplayer, and online personality. Aside from her time as a SourceFedNERD host and TestTube guest host, she combines her passion for anime and her native-level bilingual skills to translate anime and manga for Crunchyroll. Reina is this generation's ambassador for Japanese culture and education.
  • Richard Ryan

    Richard Ryan is a multi-hyphenate talent who produces, writes and acts in his own productions, as well as in collaborative projects. Currently he runs a YouTube channel called RatedRR, which houses shows "Tech Assassin and "The Breakdown." He is also a licensed weapons handler, accomplished skydiver, survival enthusiast and is working to expand his programming into a full channel lineup of regularly produced shows that highlight his talent, energy and adventure skills.
  • Ryan Connolly

    After graduating from Full Sail's film program, Ryan went straight to work refining his craft. Over the past five years he has written/directed several short films, commercials and live show videos; including work with DELL and Alienware. Ryan is also the Founder and President of Triune Films which produces Film Riot.
  • Shannon Morse

    With a life long aspiration for theater and love of technology Shannon Morse began her journey in the world of New Media and Podcasting in 2005. Once graduated from Missouri State University in May of 2008 and able to escape her hometown, Shannon found her way to the East Coast as a co-host for Hak5.
  • Steve Zaragoza

    Steve Zaragoza, intense movie nerd, toy collector, video gamer, man baby. His main distinguishing features are giant manly beard, black frame glasses and his often worn Cheeseburger hat. Steve joined SourceFed as a full time host in June of 2012, and is currently a host on SourceFedNERD, where his infectious wackiness is a virus strain of love, cuddles and happiness... with a spicy dash of extreme inappropriateness.
  • Steven Suptic

    Self proclaimed "Kingof Minecraft"Steven Suptic, AKA mlgHwnT, is an avid gamer, comedian, and animator. Steve specializes in light hearted sketches and machinima animations, influenced by pop culture, his daily life, and internet trends. Whether watching one of his "dayin the life"vlogs or animated Minecraft series, fans are sure to see some familiar faces, as Steve often features many of his online friends in his videos.
  • Tara Long

    Originally hailing from Texas, Tara spontaneously moved to San Francisco in early 2010 in search of adventure. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Mathematics, she went on to pursue a career in the field of scientific research. She became a faculty member at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and published over 5 scientific articles in various journals, including Science.
  • Trace Dominguez

    Trace Dominguez dissects topics in science, world news, history, technology, politics, space, and psychology in the attempt to explore our world. His nerdery knows no bounds. He's featured on shows across Discovery Digital Networks; always with a smile.
  • Trisha Hershberger

    Originally from Pennsylvania, Trisha Hershberger is a host/model/actress/techie/gamer /avid-lover-of-all-things-geek! She attended DeSales University on a full scholarship, obtaining a degree as a Theatre Major/Theology Minor, and has worked in IT ever since! Makes total sense, right? She's also worked as a bubble performer, magician's assistant and as the Hamburgler, so this naturally led to hosting on SourceFed NERD!
  • Will Haynes

    Will Haynes is a comedian, writer and host on SourceFed / SourceFedNERD. His videos provide a social commentary on current events and pop culture in a satirical manner through observational comedy, dark humor, and quirky commentary.